KP#0 Kingdom Laws & Principles

This is a table of content of God's Kingdom Laws and Principles.
For a quick summary, please read 10 Kingdom Principles for Business Success.

When there is a clear cause and effect relationship, I call it the a law. e.g. Law of Sowing and Reaping - you reap at a multiples of what you sold. When the effect is general, I called it a principle. e.g. Principle of Accountability - we must be accountable for the work we do to God who will be our judge.

Jesus' Parables reveal much about the working of the Kingdom of God and will be the main basis for the discovery of the Kingdom's Laws and Principles. The details are:

Working of the Kingdom Principles
For a discussion on this topic, see Kingdom Principles Discussion 01.

We are encouraged to understand the above laws and principles to put them to work. Please read KP#1 Kingdom Principles - Work Them.

Laws & Principles

  1. Universal Laws
    1. The Golden Rule for Business Mat 6:33
    2. Law of Parallel Universes
    3. Law of Execution - Walk the Talk
    4. Law of Harvests- Sowing and Reaping
    5. Law of Seasons - Growth & Timing
    6. Law of Reciprocation
    7. Law of Greatness -Servant Leadership
    8. Law of Perseverance
    9. Law of Amplification
    10. Law of Humility
  2. Attitudes & Mindset
  3. Realities of Life
    1. Good and Bad co-exist
    2. Fit
    3. Same Input but Different Outcomes
  4. Purpose of Significance
    1. Singleness of Purpose - Mission
    2. Significance-Giving to Life & Harmony
  5. Customers
    1. Golden Rule for Service
    2. Platinum Rule of Service
    3. Go for Non-Consumers
  6. Planning & Strategies
    1. Plan to Succeed
    2. Focus & Priority
    3. Watch and Ride the Trend
    4. Seize the Opportunity
    5. Create the Trend
    6. Going Back is a Good Option
  7. Resources
    1. Principle of Potential & The Power of Kingdom Influence
    2. Principle of Stewardship - Optimization of One's Gifts & Resources
    3. Less is More
    4. Recycle - No waste - Lean Methodology
  8. Leadership & Management
    1. Principle of Accountability
    2. Principle of Excellence - Zero Defect
    3. Principle of HR Development
    4. Principle of Continuity
    5. Principle of Unity and Harmony
  9. Learning from Others: 
    1. Entrepreneur Leadership - Kingdom Principles in Business
From Old Testament:
  1. Performance Management According to the Ten Commandments
  2. Principles & Insights from the Ten Commandments


    Ron Beyer said...

    I can see your passion in your work. Thank you for your post. The mind maps are great.

    your opinion if possible on a Book I am just digesting. "When Heaven invades Earth" by Bill Johnson ISBN: 9 780768 429527

    Most intreging chapter 11: "The High Cost of Low Power" (revealing the nature of God)

    What a wonderful time in history to be alive. Ron

    Gem said...

    Wow!!!! Amazing insights!!!! GBU!!!

    Lim Liat said...

    Sorry Ron, your comment took me 3 years to answer. I got the book early but it was circulated around. I got it back and I misplaced it. Recently, I found it and re-read again. I think I agree with what Bill Johnson is saying as reflected in my postings. A major part of the book, besides God's Kingdom rules on earth, is miracle healing. Miracle is important is drawing attention to God and leads to many conversions. Nevertheless, what is life after miracles? Some peoples with bad lifestyles got a miracle healing but lifestyles not changed and get back the same sickness. We must have study of the Word, relationship with Christ, heavenly power and godly living. As I grow older and see more, greater love and care, while it takes longer and less impressive than miracles, tend to produce longer lasting result. We need all. But I am appreciating the more than conqueror type of soft power ... http://christianity-rediscovered.blogspot.com/2009/07/meaning-of-more-than-conquerors.html