KP#11 Law of Humility

Glory and Honor and Blessings go to those who are humble. This is stated in Mat 5:5. There are other words, from different translations, that use meek, gentle, considerate for the word 'humble' in Mat 5:5.

(It is interesting to note that in the Chinese Classic YiJing - Book of Change, of the 64 Hexagram, 謙 qiān Humility is the only with all good blessings - no warning. Good Blessing is defined as agreeing with or following God's will i.e. on target, right or righteousness. See also Humility is Forceful too )

Some keys concepts about humility are:
  1. Respecting Others. Counting others more significant.
  2. Ever learning no matter who.
  3. Ever serving - as long as there is a need, there is nothing too lowly for him to serve or do.
  4. Considerate.
  5. Co-operating
  6. Gentleness and of Good manners.
  7. Child-likeness - a sense of wonder, discovery and respect for the people, nature and God.
Humility is a great sponge, it absorbs knowledge and empowerment from God and others and use them to serve others. It is no wonder that it gets glory and blessings.

We have covered the 10 laws of Kingdom Economy. There are other Kingdom Principles to come. Appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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KP#10 Law of Amplification

This law states that "unless there is character transformation, greater responsibility will show forth the original weakness more clearly". There are many people who claim they will do better when given greater resources. I will tithe when my income is $10K per month. If you can't tithe with present income of say only $1K per month, you will not tithe even when your income exceeds $10K. So here are additional collaries:
  1. people's bad habit will not get better after marriage or after having children; in fact they get worse.
  2. excellence is taking care of the details see BJ#11a Attention to Details - 6 Sigma Life
  3. promotion goes to those who are faithful in the little things now.
This is also the Law of Fidelity or Honesty. Honesty is shown in the little things and not the big things of life.

A related law is the Law of Promotion. Promotion goes those faithful stewards of entrusted wealth. A faithful employees in little things will be promoted and one day will own his own businesses.

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KP#9 Law of Reciprocation

In physics, we learn the Newton's law of Action and Reaction are equal but opposite. However, in the Kingdom's Economy, the Reaction is a multiple of the Action. You get back, good for good and evil for evil, a greater amount than the amount you give.

But treating your staff well, your staff will treat your customers well and your customers will treat you well - by buying more, staying with you, and recommending others to you.

The details are seen in the mind-map below:

Law of Harvest talks about giving of things. Law of Reciprocation talks about how you interact and treat others. It is about relationship building. A better term and a corollary from this,  could be Empathy.  Changing others begins with changing the way we interact with others first.
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KP#8 Law of Execution

This is a simple rule - we must act on what we know is right. No execution means no result and is the same as not knowing. In reality, this rule is very difficult to practice.

There are two types of errors:
  1. Not knowing the Right Thing to Do. We are to follow Jesus' teaching.
  2. Not doing the things we know is right.
    This is emphasized in this parable. Not doing what is known is same, in effect, as not knowing. It is the execution that delivers the result and impact.
Why we don't do what we know is right?
To understand the issue better, we need to see that we are tripartite - spirit, soul and body or in common terms, heart, head and hands&feet.

We may have head knowledge of what is good. But we lack the motivation of the heart to do it. Or our body objects to the labors of pains. So we must be fully persuaded in our hearts to overcome the body of resistance to execute what in our head know that we should.
Paul in Roman 7 wrote about such a struggle. The solution is the change of heart - new creation - Christ in You followed by 'Render yourself death to body and alive in Christ'.

The Confusion Today
However, in today "Grace-Base" teachings, there are some 'spiritual' ones who see work as work of the flesh and expect God to do all.

The only difference between work of the flesh and of the spirit is the source of the motivation not of the work itself. If it is God's calling, initiated by the Holy Spirit, then all the work of the body is spiritual work. If it is of our own gratification, then the work is of the flesh. Otherwise, Paul is most fleshly because he out-did all the other apostles.

Be obedient, act on the knowledge and prompting of the Holy Spirit.

The mind map below gives the details:
For a discussion on this post see Kingdom Principles Discussion 05 Execution - Walk ...

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KP#7 Law of Perseverance

As you execute the plans to achieve your vision, he will face with unforeseen events that will attempt to derail you. You need to adapt your plan to overcome or by-pass the obstacles. Don't give up because of rejections or get de-toured because of temptations. The key is faith - faith in God. Jesus had 3 parables to encourage us to have faith and not to give up.
  1. The Importunate Widow (Lk 18:1-8) tells us not to loose heart but to continue with prayer - communicate with God about the vision He has for you - grasp the vision, continue to work out the details with God. If an unrighteous judge could even give in, how much more your Heavenly Father will give to you. He has given, so don't loose heart. Have you been listening and communicating with Him?
  2. The Friend at Night (Lk 11:5-8) Even a friend will give you not because of friendship but because of your persistence, how much more your loving Father want to give to you.
  3. The Master & Servant (Lk 17:6-10). The purpose of this parable is told to answer v6 -if you have the right kind of faith (mustard seed), not the size of faith, you get want you command. Think of FAITH as a SERVANT that will faithfully execute your command. But note that there is timing involved.
What are we to do then in the meantime ?
See the mindmap below for the answer ....

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KP#6 Law of Greatness - Servant Leadership

We usually want to be served. This happens because the focus is self. If the focus is on others, or a significant mission and vision and moral values, then serving others to realize the common vision become automatic.

Law of Greatest tells us that greatness comes not from dominating, forcing and demanding others to serve us. Greatness is measured by the impact or influence we make in others. That influence comes from us serving others to help them be and become better.

Serving must be put in the context of knowing the mission, vision and values first. Serving others is the means and the process to others accomplish the overall and individual visions God given.

Our values of love prevent us from exploiting others to fulfill our own selfish dream. We see our roles as part of the God greater design.

In this Kingdom of God, with clear mission, vision and values, then the path to greatest is through serving.

God, the Creator Himself, is the best example. He love and serve the most.

See the mind map below for the biblical references and additional details:

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KP#5 Law of Parallel Universes

This natural or physical universe we are living in is a manifestation of a spiritual universe. The real universe or world is the spiritual one - where God is. Or to put it in another way, there are two worlds, the natural and the spiritual with the spiritual world influencing the natural world. Spiritual world is invisible to the natural eyes. Invisibility does not be non-existence. It is the limitation of our physical senses. We don't see the electromagnetic waves all around us, yet they exist and through them we receive TV, Radio, mobile phones signals.

God created the present universe out of nothing with His Word. Things, products and enterprises, first existed in the mind before they are realized in the physical world.

Before Christ, things on earth are influenced by beings & things in the spiritual world. We should then not be too angry with the attacks and betrayals of 'friends' as they could be under the influence of the devils in the spiritual world. e.g. Mat 16:23 Jesus identified the evil force- Satan behind the speech by Peter asking Jesus not to go to the cross. The thought did not come from Peter himself but from Satan.

However, after Christ, Mat 16:19, Mat 18:18-19, we are given the power to influence spiritual world from earth!

We must use the authority and power given to us by Jesus to influence the happenings in the Spiritual World that the natural world will move according to the Word of God. God's will be done on earth through us commanding in the Spiritual world.

The mind map below gives the details:
For an in-depth discussion, see Kingdom Principles Discussion 04 The Dual Worlds

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