KP#7 Law of Perseverance

As you execute the plans to achieve your vision, he will face with unforeseen events that will attempt to derail you. You need to adapt your plan to overcome or by-pass the obstacles. Don't give up because of rejections or get de-toured because of temptations. The key is faith - faith in God. Jesus had 3 parables to encourage us to have faith and not to give up.
  1. The Importunate Widow (Lk 18:1-8) tells us not to loose heart but to continue with prayer - communicate with God about the vision He has for you - grasp the vision, continue to work out the details with God. If an unrighteous judge could even give in, how much more your Heavenly Father will give to you. He has given, so don't loose heart. Have you been listening and communicating with Him?
  2. The Friend at Night (Lk 11:5-8) Even a friend will give you not because of friendship but because of your persistence, how much more your loving Father want to give to you.
  3. The Master & Servant (Lk 17:6-10). The purpose of this parable is told to answer v6 -if you have the right kind of faith (mustard seed), not the size of faith, you get want you command. Think of FAITH as a SERVANT that will faithfully execute your command. But note that there is timing involved.
What are we to do then in the meantime ?
See the mindmap below for the answer ....

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