KP#11 Law of Humility

Glory and Honor and Blessings go to those who are humble. This is stated in Mat 5:5. There are other words, from different translations, that use meek, gentle, considerate for the word 'humble' in Mat 5:5.

(It is interesting to note that in the Chinese Classic YiJing - Book of Change, of the 64 Hexagram, 謙 qiān Humility is the only with all good blessings - no warning. Good Blessing is defined as agreeing with or following God's will i.e. on target, right or righteousness. See also Humility is Forceful too )

Some keys concepts about humility are:
  1. Respecting Others. Counting others more significant.
  2. Ever learning no matter who.
  3. Ever serving - as long as there is a need, there is nothing too lowly for him to serve or do.
  4. Considerate.
  5. Co-operating
  6. Gentleness and of Good manners.
  7. Child-likeness - a sense of wonder, discovery and respect for the people, nature and God.
Humility is a great sponge, it absorbs knowledge and empowerment from God and others and use them to serve others. It is no wonder that it gets glory and blessings.

We have covered the 10 laws of Kingdom Economy. There are other Kingdom Principles to come. Appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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jemimah said...

Wow!!!! what an amazing revelation!!!! I am blessed and so glad that you took your time to do this!!! May God increase you in all wisdom!!!