KP#8 Law of Execution

This is a simple rule - we must act on what we know is right. No execution means no result and is the same as not knowing. In reality, this rule is very difficult to practice.

There are two types of errors:
  1. Not knowing the Right Thing to Do. We are to follow Jesus' teaching.
  2. Not doing the things we know is right.
    This is emphasized in this parable. Not doing what is known is same, in effect, as not knowing. It is the execution that delivers the result and impact.
Why we don't do what we know is right?
To understand the issue better, we need to see that we are tripartite - spirit, soul and body or in common terms, heart, head and hands&feet.

We may have head knowledge of what is good. But we lack the motivation of the heart to do it. Or our body objects to the labors of pains. So we must be fully persuaded in our hearts to overcome the body of resistance to execute what in our head know that we should.
Paul in Roman 7 wrote about such a struggle. The solution is the change of heart - new creation - Christ in You followed by 'Render yourself death to body and alive in Christ'.

The Confusion Today
However, in today "Grace-Base" teachings, there are some 'spiritual' ones who see work as work of the flesh and expect God to do all.

The only difference between work of the flesh and of the spirit is the source of the motivation not of the work itself. If it is God's calling, initiated by the Holy Spirit, then all the work of the body is spiritual work. If it is of our own gratification, then the work is of the flesh. Otherwise, Paul is most fleshly because he out-did all the other apostles.

Be obedient, act on the knowledge and prompting of the Holy Spirit.

The mind map below gives the details:
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