BJ#0 Business According to Jesus

Follow the Patterns of the Most Successful Organization in the World
(updated 27 Oct 2008)

This posting should actually be the first in this whole series of "Business by Jesus". The earlier postings are BJ#1 The Golden Rule for Business Success, BJ#2 Have a Mission Statement, BJ#3 Vision Statement.

One of the world most successful organization with the longest history and largest world wide following would likely to be the Church established by Jesus Christ. The founding pioneers, the disciples of Jesus, were generally fishermen, (though there was a good accountant and tax consultant called Matthew). What had Jesus taught them that such a big and growing organization was possible through average people. One may claimed it was God. But God works through people and give us the examples where other can follow. What are the principles and strategies that Jesus taught the Church. The answers are found in the Bible. Bible is more than just a moral and ethical standards of behavior. I strongly believe and will show in this series of postings that Bible also teach us the principles and the how-to, the strategies for building long lasting successful enterprises that contribute to the well beings of society.

Earlier postings have covered the Golden Rule for Business, Mission and Vision - what are the important things that make good mission and vision statements. This posting is like a table of content showing the additional topics that will be covered in future.

The TOC are:
I will use the current management terms to relate to the Bible so that we can find relevant and immediately useful guidelines for making our business successful. The next posting will be on Values - BJ#4 Values

Other Useful References

  1. There was a series of seminars held to cover the above topics....The Bible for Business Seminar Series.
  2. If you have issue with your calling into business and being a successful businessman, Secular vs Spiritual Jobs
  3. There is a complimentary series Kingdom Laws & Principles. Please refer to them too for laws and principles of His Kingdom Economy.
  4. Learning from Others: 
    1. Entrepreneur Leadership - Kingdom Principles in Business

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