Kingdom Principles Discussion 05 Execution - Walk the Talk

Steve Jobs' success comes not from just dreaming but in passionately executing his dream and even sweating out the details for excellence. In this discussion, we learn from the best, Jesus Christ, what he said about execution. We also cover the reasons for not doing the knowing. We also add in the advices from Chinese Classics, and famous management books on this 'Know Do Gap'.
Continued from Kingdom Principles Discussion 04 The Dual Worlds, our discussion this week is on "The Law of Execution". It about "walking the talking" or "doing the knowing".

The mind-map summarized the discussion:

Learning = Knowing 学 + Doing  习 According to Chinese
The teaching of Chinese Classic (in particular Confucius) is that true learning is the combination of knowing and practicing and it is a joy to do that. It supports Jesus' teaching of doing the known is building a strong foundation and it is the doing that counts (not the talking).

The mind-map above also try to explain the reasons for not doing what we know. We can recall Paul's teaching on Rom 7 that not doing what we know is right is the sin in us. But now that believers are saved and transformed by Jesus, we can't use that as an excuse for not doing. There are other practical reasons and obstacles that stop us from doing what we know.

Our Singapore Problems
We shared that the secret of learning is learning and doing and joy.

Singapore had somewhat kill the joy in the learning process.

Besides, we need to learn how to build relationship network and also to know how to observe, diagnose the problems, ask the right questions and then find the right answers which is not just the 1st one we come out with. We need to see the answers from multiple points of view.For leaning, please look up Learning about Learning from Ancient Chinese

What the Management Gurus Say?
We can also look at the common management books on this topic of "Know and Do". There are two good ones and my subjective summaries with my comments are shown in the mind-maps below. (Please to back to the books for the original content).

The "Know Can Do" Book:

The "Know Do Gap" Book:

You can see that they reflected the teachings of the Bible.

Our Prayers for You

We pray that you may firstly read and understand the Bible and God's calling for your life and then execute on what you have known, learning more along the way, and fulfill God's purpose for your life. May God bless you richly in this journey.

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