Kingdom Principles Discussion 04 The Dual Worlds

The Spiritual world controls the Natural world. But believers are given the authority to command from earth what happen in the spiritual world. The fig-tree story is an objective lesson given by Jesus to teach us how to apply our faith to influence the spiritual first and then the natural world by saying and believing by faith in God. You can get what you say in faith of God. 
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This week discussion is on the Reality of Two Worlds - Spiritual and Physical.  In fact, the Spiritual is the greater reality where the Physical/Natural is a reflection of it. Heb 11:3 what is seen comes from what is unseen. Unseen does not mean it is not there. Scientists now talk about 'Dark Energy' and 'Dark Matter'. Dark not as evil but unseen and unknown - we know it is there but can't say much about what it is. Here is the updated mind-map of our discussion:

The Fig Tree Story
We are not under the mercy of the spiritual world. God gave us (the believers) the authority to control from our natural world the happenings in the spiritual world as shown in the above mind-map in Mat 16 and Mat 18. In fact, Jesus gave us further assurance and power but telling us to agree.

The Fig-Tree Story is an life objective lesson on how to apply the authority. See Bringing the Words from the Mind into the Heart.

Here is another way to present the study on Mark 11:22-23.

Discussion Questions:

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