KP#5 Law of Parallel Universes

This natural or physical universe we are living in is a manifestation of a spiritual universe. The real universe or world is the spiritual one - where God is. Or to put it in another way, there are two worlds, the natural and the spiritual with the spiritual world influencing the natural world. Spiritual world is invisible to the natural eyes. Invisibility does not be non-existence. It is the limitation of our physical senses. We don't see the electromagnetic waves all around us, yet they exist and through them we receive TV, Radio, mobile phones signals.

God created the present universe out of nothing with His Word. Things, products and enterprises, first existed in the mind before they are realized in the physical world.

Before Christ, things on earth are influenced by beings & things in the spiritual world. We should then not be too angry with the attacks and betrayals of 'friends' as they could be under the influence of the devils in the spiritual world. e.g. Mat 16:23 Jesus identified the evil force- Satan behind the speech by Peter asking Jesus not to go to the cross. The thought did not come from Peter himself but from Satan.

However, after Christ, Mat 16:19, Mat 18:18-19, we are given the power to influence spiritual world from earth!

We must use the authority and power given to us by Jesus to influence the happenings in the Spiritual World that the natural world will move according to the Word of God. God's will be done on earth through us commanding in the Spiritual world.

The mind map below gives the details:
For an in-depth discussion, see Kingdom Principles Discussion 04 The Dual Worlds

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T. Lee said...

Thank you for the time and devotion you've taken in writing these blogs! God is answering my prayers through your effort. May God continue to show you the way to His truth.

Anonymous said...

I GET IT! I GET IT! Speaking the Word out loud and WHY. Between Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and this, I GET IT. THANK YOU