KP#6 Law of Greatness - Servant Leadership

We usually want to be served. This happens because the focus is self. If the focus is on others, or a significant mission and vision and moral values, then serving others to realize the common vision become automatic.

Law of Greatest tells us that greatness comes not from dominating, forcing and demanding others to serve us. Greatness is measured by the impact or influence we make in others. That influence comes from us serving others to help them be and become better.

Serving must be put in the context of knowing the mission, vision and values first. Serving others is the means and the process to others accomplish the overall and individual visions God given.

Our values of love prevent us from exploiting others to fulfill our own selfish dream. We see our roles as part of the God greater design.

In this Kingdom of God, with clear mission, vision and values, then the path to greatest is through serving.

God, the Creator Himself, is the best example. He love and serve the most.

See the mind map below for the biblical references and additional details:

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