A New View of Revelation

While Revelation 1:3 promises blessings to those who read and heed the things written, many people who read it feel that it is too cryptic to be understood. There are others who feel fear. Some felt bored "Holy Holy Holy....". To those that understand, they see it as prophecy of the future and feel that it has no immediate applications.

I see Revelation has much applications for us if we read it with the right attitudes. (It is not difficult to understand the symbols and creatures as well since they are spoken of in other parts of the Bible).

1. Most see it as prophecy of future events and the key question becomes
2. On a deeper level, it is "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" and his dealing with His people.
  • It is a story of the Love of God towards His creation - creation, rebellion, evil, sacrificial death, judgment, punishments and rewards etc.
  • It is also the story of mankind. From the story of events, we should get to know the Father-God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Angels, Satan-Devils, Church, Jews & Man better.
  • It should give us the better understanding of the world (natural and spiritual) that we are living in and how to effectively deal with it. It provides the answers for life -Where did I come from ? Why am I here? Where am I going? Why there is evil? What is the final outcome ? Is God fair ? What is God doing about it? etc.

3. If you have a question, perhaps you can try to find the answer in Revelation.
  • Reading it that way, Revelation perhaps can be more relevant and touches our hearts better.
As an example, while in Great Tribulation time, when God is judging the world with calamity, there are still many many people who are saved. These people are the left behind --- missed the earlier opportunity. But God's love did not give them up. God continue to touch their lives and save them when they call upon Him. God will pursue you with His love to the end. It is never too late when you have the breath to call upon Him.