KP#4 Law of Seasons - Growth & Timing

This Law of Seasons is about God providing the growth and setting the timings. Man just need to follow of the laws of nature, the seasons & timings, established by God, to achieve success. The reference is from Mark 4:26-29 and supported by Ecc 3:1-8.

It teaches me about how to be agile - being ready and to act immediately anytime and all the time, without needing to worry. It is God who will give the growth (when we do the right things at the right time) and it is He who set the timings.

Being Agile needs the following 5 steps:
  1. Watch the Season - Trends
  2. Initiate Action - Plant the Seed
    - Don't wait & analyze forever
    - Success comes from doing
  3. Wait - Be Patient
    - Trust God & Give Time for Growth
    - Worry Not
  4. Monitor the Stages of Growth
    - Identify the Stages
    - Do the Right Things according the the stages
  5. Act when Ripe - Delay Not
The meditations from the verses can be seen in the mind-map below:

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