KP#3 Law of Harvest or Sowing & Reaping

This is also known as Law of Proportional Returns: "the more you give the more you get"
  1. You get a multiplied return
  2. You get the same type of what you sow
  3. It begins with a seed. Must sow the seed.
  4. Sow willingly and cheerfully.... exercise of faith
  5. You sow from what you have, not what you don't have
  6. You sow the seed according to your need.
  7. To whom do you sow?
  • as the Lord directed
  • tithes & offering to the Lord
  • people in needs
  • the business that produce the profits like the farmer keeping the seeds for next harvest. Don't eat your seeds,
See the mind-map for details.

See also Wisdom of Proverbs - Cause and Effect

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