Kingdom Principles Discussion 07 Law of Seasons - Cycle & Kairos Time

The most important thing is life is to recognize its seasons so that you can
1. detect and observe its happening - recognize the change and not be stuck in the past
2. prepare for it in advance - there shall be no regrets
3. living the best in it - there shall be greatest satisfaction
4. be ready anytime to meet the maker.

Following from Kingdom Principles Discussion 06 Law of Harvest, we discussed on the Law of Seasons. 

The Main Teaching: Right Thing for the Right Time

It also means the any time is the best time. Don't regret about the good times of the past and don't try to live in the future. See The Best Time of Your Life - Now, Any time, Every time and All the time.

From Ecclesiastes 3:1-11

The Seed Grow Through Stages Secretly Mark 4:26-29

 The Conclusions - Lessons Learned:

Questions for Reflections:

The Chinese since their beginning, have taught that everything has its cycles and seasons of life. Change is the only constant thing. The Classic of the Chinese Classics, i-Ching "Book of Change" teaches more - the various stages of change and how to live well in the state. See I-Ching in One Minute for Abundant Life. This is similar to the Biblical teaching here and I abstracted some teaching from the first 2 hexagram of I-Ching for reference. See Chinese Classics & The Bible for much similar teachings.

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