#KP31 Unity & Harmony

Unity is not uniformity.

I find I need two words to describe this concept fully - A group of distinct individuals working together:
  1. "unity" as united for a common purpose and
  2. "harmony" as synchronizing of differences to achieve the common purpose.
Unity is about shared purpose and not about 'sameness'. Harmony is not about 'passive peace' and calmness but about appreciating each other differences and c0-operating actively together for the shared purpose.

Paul (Rom 12:5) uses a living body as an illustration - all parts of the body, the heart, hands, eyes etc, each with its unique function, working at its best, to contribute to the life and growth of the living body. Any healthy Corporate or Society should work like that.

The ingredients for success are then
  1. shared common purpose - of the same mind Php 2:2. This will create the alignment of unique members toward acheive the same goal. There may need to be cascading of the higher goal to lower level goals.
  2. discovering our unique roles and maximizing our talents to fulfill that roles.
  3. the glue for harmony is "Love". Love as seen in being able to see the greater picture of the corporate body rather than self, respect for individual's differences, humility(Eph 4:2) .
The mind map is below:
This is the last posting of the series Kingdom Laws & Principles. 

Interestingly, the Ancient Chinese Classic I-Ching, the Book of Chang,
Hexagram #38 睽 Deviation– Synergy of Differences cover the same topic.

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