KP#16 Singleness of Purpose or Mission

In Luke 16:13, we are taught that we could not serve two masters - we cannot serve God and money. Our purpose must be single - we must always make one choice - which or who is the highest priority of our life. Once that is fixed, there are three principles we need to follow:
  1. we can use the things of lower priorities to serve the highest priority.
    e.g. using money to serve God.
  2. we cascade the objective downward
    e.g. we show love of God through loving others that God loves.
    we show love of God by obeying His commandments
  3. we maintain a list of priorities and ensure a balanced life.
    e.g. devotion to God is 1st and highest priority but we cannot just spend our time totally with God and neglect caring for our wife and children, job and ministry.
The lack of single-mindedness will result in James 4:8 - Double-Minded -> indecision -> delay or inconsistent decision making and creating confusion.

Loving God is not specific enough for each person. Each person is created uniquely by God to fulfill a specific calling and role in the grand design of God for human. Each of us may need to seek God to discover our calling. We will cover what are "Significance" in life created by God in the next posting. Phi 4:8 may be a start or a check list for us. The mind map below summarized this posting:

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