KP#23 Create The Trends

Instead of watching and following the trends, we could innovate and set the new trends. e.g. The software Vasicac create one of the killer application for micro-computer now widely known as the spreadsheet providing successes for Lotus-123 and then the Excel. Older people will be similar with names like Multiplan, QuatroPro etc.

In the post Creative God but a Boring Church I discussed about some of the reasons of the boring church and how to be creative. Jesus had always been an innovator - breaking free from the traditions, revealing the truths, and demonstrating the power and authority. Innovation is not about breaking moral laws but more about breaking contradictions, impossibilities and removing compromises. It is about 100% win win for all. This is very unlike human practices of legalizing our sins or weaknesses. Mat 5:17 shows Christ came not to abolish the Laws (God does not contradict Himself) but to expose the lies, the sins, the weaknesses, the truths and to empower us with new nature to fulfill the laws. It is not a compromise but a break-through solution.

As we establish the new trend with our innovation. we need to provide a bridge to the new world. This bridge could involve educating the existing market, building new infrastructure, removing prejudices etc. This bridge building could be very expensive. It could be most expensive show stopper for your innovation. It caused God to incarnate and die on the Cross. If possible, your innovation should ride on existing structure and knowledge unless you have large resources. e.g. cars need better roads than the trails that horses ride on. Cell phones needs a new infrastructure. The growth rate and investment needed to make our innovation successful depends much on how we can make better use of existing knowledge and infrastructure. This explains the easy adoption of PC with word processing to replace type-writer and Spreadsheet software.

See the attached mind-map for more ....

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