Kingdom Discussion 10 Perseverance to Mission & Values

Perseverance means sticking it out and not quitting. But it does not mean not making changes. We must always stick to the Biblical Values (e.g. the commandments) and our God given calling (e.g. Our Great Commission). But our methods may, and at times should change, so that we can achieve our mission. To persevere, we need to put our faith to work as our servant. Our faith should be on the unchanging words and promises of our God. Faith gives us hope to work in the meantime until we succeed. Waiting is not waiting idly but be busy. During this period of working, we may encounter complains and even sabotages. The pressures against us may grow as we get close the destination. We shall see failures as the necessary and good parts of exploration - discovering the ways that work. Don't condemn ourselves because of failures but to learn from them. We must celebrate successes along the way. Joy gives us strength to carry on. Always remember that the Lord is with us throughout this journey of life.
Continued from Kingdom Principles Discussion 09: Servant Leadership - Law of Greatness, we discuss about Perseverance. We cover this topic in greater depth than in Kingdom Law and Principles - Law of Perseverance.

The Table of Content:

What is Perseverance?

It is about being persistence and not quitting but sticking to your objective until they are accomplished. Jesus told us two parables about this. They are:
  Luke 18:1–8 The Importune Window
  Luke 11:5-8,10 The Friend at Night

Here is the mind-map about the parables and the lessons learned.

The lessons to be learned are:
  1. Persistence brings result with people. How much more will it do with God who loves you.  
  2. Their asking (the widow and the friend) are expressed in their actions and not just mere talking. 
  3. Someone may ask how many times should one pray about a request. Our answer is pray until your faith rises up and that you could live expectantly with hope. There is no sin in repeated asking. Asking a few times may help you to understand your requests better.
  4. God answers speedily. His answer could be Yes, No, or Wait and in His way that is good for us. We sometimes miss His answer because we insist that He should answer us in the way we think He should!
We Should Be Persistence In What?
We should never change in Godly Values, our calling or mission. Our vision may get enlarged with time as we grow in maturity and as God extends our influence and territory. Other things can and should be changed if they do not work out. We can change our methods, the resources we use, etc. Values and Mission change not, but we can be flexible and adaptable in other areas, 
Here is the mind-map that show it:

How Can We Persevere?

What to Do in the Mean Time - The Waiting and the Process?
Most people think that waiting means waiting idly. That is not what Jesus taught us. Jesus told us to be watching for His return (Matt 25:13) and to keep busy doing His work until He comes (Luke 19:13). There will be time that we should rest and there will be time that we should work. We discussed this in Kingdom Principles Discussion 07 Law of Seasons. The enemy will not rest but will tempt and trouble us as well. In my study of Ancient Chinese Classics, I found a teaching that is very close to our Biblical Teaching. It help shed lights on this need of waiting for the right time and opportunity and what to do in the mean time. I shared it below in mind-map.  I also share related posts in my blog on this time of waiting. 

Failures and Don't Beat Yourself Up
Bible is filled with stories of the failures of many people, even Moses, Paul, Peter, etc. Life is about growth, discovery and creating. Trying and exploring means we will fail or find a dead-ends. Failures are parts of the process of discovery or experiments. Don't condemn or beat yourself up because of failures. We just need to learn from them. In fact, it is good to fail fast and often that we may learn more and make progress faster. 
If we have moral failures, i.e. sins, then remember to go to God for forgiveness and receive the mercy and grace(Heb 4:16) to make the right restitution.

Conclusions- Perseverance Faith:

Hold fast to 
  1. Faith in the promises of Most High God which gives us Hope.
  2. The Biblical Values & Doing the right things -Kingdom Principles Discussion 03 The Golden Rule

Questions for Reflections:
  1. What is Perseverance?
  2. In perseverance, what should not be changed and what could and should ?
  3. What could we hold on to so that we can persevere?
  4. How can one build up his perseverance?

Lim Liat (C) 31 Jan 2012

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