Start the New Year 2012 with Confidence in a Good God

For the past week, reflecting on 2011 and looking forward to 2012, the Lord impressed me with Ps 65. It was an extra confirmation to Kenneth Copeland prophecy on 2012. 2012 will be a year of surprises, joy and miracles if we choose well - to listen to and to follow the Words of God. God has already provided more than what we have dared to ask for.

If you look at the forecast for 2012, they will tell you that it will be a difficult year, considering the Europe Crisis, the slowing down of the BRIC countries, etc etc. But we have insider news. Our God is still in charge. He is a good God and His news for you in 2012 is a different one. Would you care to listen?

Here is my reflections on Psalm 65 in mind-map format:

  1. Our praise to God is not with our mouths. In fact, silence praise, praise by keeping our promises to God is much more meaningful.  1 Sam 15:22 tells us that God loves our obedience more than our sacrifices. 
  2. We all come to God because we know God hear and answer our prayer. Coming to God is a sign of our trust in God. But do not confuse God with Santa Claus. God will not spoil us by heeding to any of our request. He can only answer us according to His righteous and loving character. He will not violate His own words to us. He will give us those things that are good for us according His wisdom. Do we trust Him enough to let Him answer our prayer according to His ways and timing? Will you still praise God when you don't see any changes yet in your situation?
  3. When we fail God, or even ourselves, know that God is greater than our our heart 1 John 3:20 and He know. He has given us His Son Jesus Christ to redeem us and cleanse us. Come to Christ and know that we are re-birthed in His righteousness. Henceforth, go in peace and sin no more. Act from our new righteous selves.
  4. We are the chosen ones of God that He bring us into His temple. His Holy Spirit dwell in us and us in Him. We must remember to come into His presence to draw and enjoy His goodness. To draw the power in Christ to live out His righteousness as in point 3.
  5. Spread the Good News --- Jesus is the Savior of All and not just for a few. If anyone would only call upon the Name of Jesus and he shall be saved.
  6. God is a Savior with POWER. The power that created the whole universe. The power to silence the roar of the oceans, the bad news of the economy, the uproar of the people. 
  7. God gives joy. He created the morning and ended the evening with Joy (v8). 
  8. God provides in Abundance v9-13. He provides the water, tills the land, cause the growth, and give the abundances (pastures clothed with flocks (i.e. so dense that looks a cloth), valleys covered with grains). 
  9. God crowns the year 2012 with goodness v11.
  10. Our response: rejoice and be glad for we have a Good God that bless us. Have an optimism and confidence in our God of goodness and work towards a good year of abundance of goodness.
What about 2012? 
It shall be a year of goodness and joy when we put our faith and work with our God of goodness.

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