God is Our Peace in Betrayals - Psalms 4

May God be your peace in your times of restlessness, difficulties and even betrayals. A wrong cannot be corrected by another wrong. Trust and commit to God. Do it His way. God will surely give you the joy, favor and the peace.
It is so easy to loose our perspective and peace.

I was much encouraged by what I felt was God's message for us from Ps 65 and Kenneth Copeland's prophecy for 2012 that I wrote the post Start the New Year 2012 with Confidence in a Good God.

Yesterday I was attacked by a spirit of depression and condemnation. I woke up early not because I wanted to but because I lost my peace. I was unable to sit down quietly even to pray. I prayed in tongues while walking about. I part took the Holy Communion (see Christianity Rediscovered: The Meaning & Power of Holy Communion) reminding myself of Jesus' brokenness is for my healing and His shed blood is for my adoption as son. I turned on my Galaxy Tab to get to hear an encouraging message by Joel Osteen (Joel Osteeen - God make miracles out of our mistakes). I went for a long walk around my estate while listening to the message and at time commanding in Jesus name to reject and cast out the attack of the evil spirit of condemnation and receiving the Spirit of Joy, Love, Boldness and Sound mind (2Tim 1:7). I came back and prayed with my wife who gave me much support and understanding and wisdom all these years. After the joint prayer, I was able to quiet my spirit. I went about to clean the air-conditions in my house.

Today reading is on Psalm 4, since today is 4th day of year 2012. It is God's answer to my dis-quietness of yesterday. I have done a mind-map of Ps 4 before (see Handling Betrayals) and today reading again allow me to update the mind-map with additional thoughts. Today's emphasis is on the Joy, Peace and Favors that God give. The last verse, I will lie down and sleep in peace is just the right answer for my waking up and inability to sleep of yesterday's morning.

It is a great answer from God to restore my spirit and fill me be joy and confidence for this coming year of His blessings.

Hope you find this post an encouragement and comfort. I felt led to share my weakness and show how God can answer us in our time of needs. May God bless and comfort you as well.

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