Kingdom Discussion 12 Law of Humility - Power Covered with Gentleness

Humility is a badly understood term. It should rightly be defined as "Power covered with Gentleness". It begins with "Have" and yet "Show or Demand NOT". It must "Serve" yet "Don't claim credits". It counts others more significant and show respect, learn from and also to serve them. It has great benefits. The humble inherit the lands. It attracts favors and good and lasting relationships. The life of the humble is abundance and peace most often times and even  eventually.
Continued from Kingdom Discussion 11 Law of Amplification - Growth with Care for Details. we discussed on the Law of Humility - Power Covered with Gentleness. We cover this topic in greater depth than in Kingdom Law & Principles - Law of Humility.

Humility is a badly defined or understood term resulting in much confusion and arguments. Humility is not poverty. Humility is not being a door-mat to be stepped upon by others. But rather, humility is a virtuous and powerful attribute of God and should be of His believers. We should let the Bible tells us what the term humility, or meekness, or gentleness (depending on the translations) actually means. The humility of Jesus is best illustrated in Phil 2:6-11 and it is mentioned in Mat 5:5 as one of the Beatitudes (see .The Behavior of His Kingdom People - Mat 5:3-12).

There are so much to say about humility that I think is best condensed with a mind-map shown below. Please go through it carefully and you will have good and enlightening understanding of humility.

Let me now challenge you with some questions.
  1. Define Humility. What are the attitudes and behavior that characterizes humility?
  2. What are the benefits of humility?
  3. Contrast false and true humility. How to tell the difference?
  4. Does keeping silent under oppression means humility?
  5. Do you think you are humble? How can you tell?
  6. What are the tasks that you need to do/change?
Compare Your Answers
Please compare with our answers below and share your new found understandings with us by posting your comments.

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