Kingdom Discussion 11 Law of Amplification - Growth with Care for Details

Many people fail to get promoted because they are waiting for big responsibility to excel at while they are ignoring the present 'little' tasks.  
Faithfulness does not depend on the size of the task or the resources given. Any task, whether little or large, if it needs to be done, it must be done with integrity and excellence. Don't follow the earthly lie that we can be faithful in big thing when we cannot even bother with the little. If one cannot be faithful in little things, the Bible tells us that one will not be faithful in much and will definitely not be entrusted with much. Greatness comes from doing the little things well. Growing businesses follows the same rule. Perfect the working when it is small and easy so that the business can scale easily with the market demand. Many businesses suffer growing pains and bring the business down due to internal conflicts and problems. Quality and luxury goods are goods that take care of the little details. The big ship is steered by the little rudder. 
There is no task too little that I reject or condemn and do it poorly nor task so large that I want to take even if I know I cannot (unless I know for sure that it was called of God for me and empowered me with His grace).
Continued from Kingdom Discussion 10 Perseverance to Mission & Values, we discussed on the Law of Amplification - faithfulness in little to promotion. We cover this topic in greater depth than in Kingdom Law and Principles - Law of Amplification.

Here is the mind-map that summarized our discussion:

We have much discussion on the Questions. Here is a summary:

This law of Amplification helps us to excel in our work for the glory of God. it will tell us how to pick others for promotion and picking them to join our team. Observe how they handle the small tasks that we assign to them.

On faithfulness, see also The Secrets of Faithfulness - How can one be faithful as Moses.

The Chinese Methods referred above can be found in The Principles for Greatness: #1 Know Others & Self.


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