Kingdom Discussion 13 Battle for Your Mind

Believers' warfare is not fought with physical weapons but with ideas and beliefs. We must therefore know how to guard our mind by filtering out the ungodly beliefs and evil ideas and let our mind be renewed with the Words of God. We are to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit that give us Rema Words (right words for the right time and situation). Believers must have the right mindset and we shall show them what they are in this post.
Continued from Kingdom Discussion 12 Law of Humility - Power Covered with Gentleness, we entered into the next phase of a series of discussions on our mindsets and attitudes. We also want to discuss them in greater details from the viewpoint of an individual, a career and family.

Here is mind map that summarized our discussions from 1 to 12 and also showing the topics to be covered in future.

This week discussion is on "The Battle for Your Mind".

The Questions to Prompt your Thinking:
  1. What influence your behavior and hence the outcomes?
  2. Describe the Believers' war-fare.  How does it defer from conventional war?
  3. How do you change and enrich your mind?
  4. What should be the Believers' mindset?
  5. Contrast your worldviews vs that of the Free-thinkers'?
  6. How can you relate better to the non-believers?

The Answers and the Biblical References:

The Believer's Mindset:

May be you can add to the list above by sharing with me.

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Lim Liat (C) 10 March 2012

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