Making Decisions with the Mind of Christ

Believers are encouraged to follow the mind of Christ within them. James 3:17 shows us the attributes of God's decision making which we are to follow, in our speeches, behavior and work. There are eight key points which is shown below. We can looked up several translations to get a clearer meaning. So here is the list:
James 3:17 But the wisdom from above is :
1 pure (clean),
2 peaceable,
3 gentle,
4 open to reason(willing to yield, submissive, reasonable),
5 full of mercy ( compassion)
6 good fruits,
7 impartial (nonjudgmental, unwavering)
8 sincere ( without hypocrisy).

The Applications:
How can we apply what we learned? By using them as a checklist.

Before I speak or do anything, I should ask:

  1. Is my motive pure? Do I have ulterior motive that is not disclosed in my speech and action?
  2. Does it bring peace or strife?
  3. Is it gentle in approach or not rough and manipulative?
  4. Is it reasonable? Am I open to accept others feedback and opinions?
  5. Is it compassionate and kind?
  6. Will the outcomes be good? How can I tell and be sure? What are the measures and targets?
  7. Is it fair to all involved (fair is not equal treatment but according to their needs)? Are there some excluded and why?
  8. Am I speaking the truth? Is the program transparent? Can I be hold accountable?
What is the thing you are planning to do? Can you use the above checklist?

Lim Liat (c) 1 Dec 2015

Paul's View - Phi 4
Paul tells us not to worry but to pray to God and focus our mind on these six/eight things. Someone from the Internet suggests THINK. We can merge them together to get a more complete list.

Update 14 Oct 2016

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