How to be A Successful CEO

How to Study the Bible
Ps 101, even though is very short with only 8 verses, contains much wisdom on how to be a good CEO that runs a great company. I will also like to take this opportunity to share about how to do Bible Study. Here are the steps:
  1. Read the whole passage.
  2. Analyze verse by verse
  3. Break the verse down further by concepts.
  4. Meditate on the meaning and implication.
    - Rephrase the concepts in as free words as possible
    - Looking at it from the dimension of space - I and others, area of influence,...
    - Looking at if from the dimension of time - the sequence....
    - Try to find the answers for Why, What, Who, When, Where & How.
  5. Find the areas for applications - i.e. putting what has been learned into practice.
Recommended Software for Mind Mapping
I find it easier to do with a mind-mapping software.
You can get good free mind mapping software by following the ....
  • freemind choose RC-5. This is the original. Very features rich & fast.
  • freeplane a new software based on freemind. Even more feature. But in alpha-test stage. So far no problem for me.
  • xmind this is a very visual and beautiful mindmapping software. Lots of map formats and formating styles to choose form (stronger than freemind & freeplane). But lack filtering, resources, etc that are available in freemind. But it is a good mind mapping software to start with. One major advantage over others is the availability of a USB drive version so that you don't have to install on your PC or Mac.
Back to the meat of of Ps 101. Here is what I have learned.

How to be a Good CEO

David was speaking as a King. In today context, it could be equivalent to the CEO or the Executive Chairman or just simply a Boss where you run a business with subordinates under you.

A good Boss starts with self. We must be of good character and has competence before we can help others. His first secret is praise God for His love and justice. This reminds us of the many verses that say the "Fear of the Lord" is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom (Prov 1:7). Two key traits of God were experienced by David, love (steadfast - not one off or ad-hoc) and justice. God's love and justice is expressed out in integrity.

A good CEO begines with knowing God's steadfast love and justice and show them out as personal integrity. Integrity is gained by first thinking about the ways of the righteous (blameless) , real meaning and motivation of the heart, and expressing them out in the way of behaviour and establishment of company values and policies and the way we treat others. David was clear of doing them within the sphere of our control. There are many areas that are beyond our control can we should be discouraged or to force others. The walk of integrity also includes putting away the evil things, perverse intention, slandering and gossiping, and arrogance of heart and look (and talk and associated behaviour such as being unteachable and despising others).

A CEO also works with people. He want to have people of good characters working for him. He employs people that are faithful and those that walk blamelessly (righteous behaviour). He constantly review his people and will not hestitate to remove people that tell lies and practice deceits.

Here is the mind map of Ps 101 - How to be a Good CEO

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