Freedom of Choice and Sense of Right & Wrong

What is the difference between a tiger killing a man and a man killing another man?
Will we say that the tiger is wrong? Why not? Can we ask the tiger to behave like cow and eat grass instead of meat? There is no sense of right and wrong for the hunger tiger. We said it is his nature and he cannot help it. It is the man responsibility to stay away from the tiger.
What is the key reason that we says that we say the man killing another is wrong?
The reason is that man has the freedom of choice. He can decide what he wants to do.
Freedom comes with the responsibility for the choices we made.
Freedom is awesome and we need to exercise it with care.

How is it that man has the sense of 'right and wrong' ?
Can right exist without wrong? Or, can wrong exist without right? Which comes first?
Right is the standard and Wrong is anything short of the standard.
Why does man at large has a sense of right ?
Why does doing good make us happy and doing bad makes us uncomfortable?
We are wonderfully made in the image of the Creator God.

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