The Original Bible

The Original Bible that God planned to write consist of Gen 1:1 to Gen 2:3 - 1 Chapter long if the wonderful person who divide the Bible into chapter and verses got it right the 1st time 8-}.

The work of creation was completed, finished and there was not more work for God to do. God rested not because He was tired as most people think but because the created work was completed and perfect. Man and all living things were given the ability to procreate themselves and enrich the creation Gen 1:28-30. There is no need for any further creative intervention from God. That was true till man sinned.

Because of man's sin, God has to intervened into the world to restore it back to perfection through sending His Son Jesus Christ to save us. This saving process takes up the remaining 1188 chapters of the Bible (total 1189 chapters in the Bible). The continued betrayer of God by man and God unceasing effort to bring man back can be read in the Book. There are victories and failures. In summary, this is the touching story of God reaching out to and restoring man to Himself and to perfection of blessings.

It is not about performances of man, but of restoring of relationship between God and man through mere acceptance of offer by faith.

"Willing you be willing to have Me as your Father?" is the invitation of the Gospel of Christianity.

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