The Lord's Word & Doctor's words

Do we give the Bible the same weight as our medical doctor's words?
We say we believe the Bible is the Word of God. It is the standard of our behavior. It's promises are true. It's commands are to be obey. Yet for many of us, when we felt God want us to do something, we want to decide first - whether we should do it or not.

However, when our medical doctor gives us a prescription and advices, we are quick to follow, knowing for sure that they are for our good.

Why is that so? Do we trust our God less than our medical doctor?
One reason I can give is that at times we are not sure whether is word is from God or not. We want to be sure it is from God. At times, even when we know it is from God, we are unable to see how to execute it. God will make it clear for us when we have the intention to follow Him. Taking time to make sure, seeking wisdom for execution are good for us to learn to hear God better. But we must make sure we don't treat God's Word less than our medical Doctor's.

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