Where is Our Confidence?

As we start the journey of a New Christian Life, our main concern is how we can live a life that is pleasing to God. Some older Christians are even worrying whether they can keep their faith with the increasing uncertainties and evil in the world.

It is best to get guidance from the Bible and especially from Paul. The book of Galatians (AD 49) was the earlier writing of Paul and 2 Timothy (AD 66) was his last. When Paul started his ministry, he motto for life is in Gal 2:20 as shown below:

The key for Christian Living is living by the faith of Christ in us. The mind map below shows an exposition of the verse.
By the end of his life, Paul gave the reason for his confidence and driving force behind his life of victories - overcoming all the sufferings in various forms he described in 2Cor 11:23-28. It is in 2Tim 1:12 shown below:

After 17 years of living in Christ, Paul used the word "oido" for know - to know completely. According to Vines 'The differences between ginosko and oida demand consideration:

  • ginosko, frequently suggests inception or progress in “knowledge,”
    while oida suggests fullness of “knowledge,” '.
Knowing Jesus Christ and then believing in Him and be fully persuaded and convinced that He is able to keep the work He has entrusted to us.

Our confidence is in our faithful Saviour - Jesus Christ to complete the work He has given to us. It is so simple - He give and He ensure our victory in life. Let us rest on the fact that He is our assurance that we will live up to His calling for us. We work from this sure foundation of victory and success.

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Anonymous said...

Just to share:
Ro 1:17 & Hab 2:4 stated that the righteous will live by faith.
By believing that God will protect, guide, provide and equip us to live a victorious Christian life; even we do not receive the things promised (Heb 11:13 & 39);we will still have to act, do and live the faith out of our lives. Faith is dead if there is no action (Jas 2:14-26).