Creative God but a Boring Church

Why A Creative God with a Stale Church ?
When we think of creativity, do we think of the church or the Bible ? Why is it that the Church of the God of Creation is not associated with "Creativity"? The great artists and scientists of the last few centuries were Christians. What has happened that the Church has lost its creativity in Arts and Science ?

Religion - Forms Taking Over Substance
I think the key reason is "Religion". The Church has swapped the intimate relationship with Jesus for a set of Rules. We are more concern with sticking to a set of religious rules and practices than with the Person of Jesus. This is exactly when the Ephesians Church has fallen into... so good at discerning the false doctrines and false prophets and lost their first love for Jesus. To them, correct doctrines were more important than Love-Relationship with Jesus. Not that correct doctrine is not important but that there is a more important thing - one key principle - love Jesus. Loving Jesus can be expressed in many forms. But religion will insist on the particular form - usually the one that decided by those in power that suit themselves. It is outward form more than inward content. It is insisting on following the forms rather than letting the inward content expressing itself freely outward. No wonder the Church is not creative. It is bind by the forms.

Insisting On Past Methods than Sensing the Spirit
As an example, let's look in the area of Healing. The Church is after the methods that will result in healing. Is it laying of hands ? Or speaking the Word ? May be we should use spitting like Jesus. May be we need more faith. If we study into the healing incidences, we will realize that Jesus used all kinds of methods. Or to put it another way, Jesus use only one kind of method - the ONE that work. The ONE method that work has many variations depending on the person and the situations.

Situational Ethnics Need No Creativity
I am not talking about situation ethics where we bend the ethics to suit the situations. You don't need creativity here where you bend the rules to suit the situations. It is when you stick with principle and comes out with solution in seemingly impossible situations that needs creativity. Jesus' answer to the need of paying taxes is one such example. Mat 22:19-21.
Break Free with Grace
Rest in the peace and love of God. Let us live with the security that God loves us and delights in the things that we do. Know that God has rebirth us a new creation with righteousness, ability and creativity. Rooted and grounded in the love of God will keep us living right and free us to break with traditions and mental blocks to create new paths, new forms, new knowledge and expression to engage the new generations. Let the Church not only stay relevant, but also set the trend in fashion, thinking, movies, music, arts and other means to bring forth the true gospels of Jesus Christ. When Christians have given up on the media the devil will step into it to misuse and abuse it and deceiving many people. It is time now that Christians take back the creative media and the science for showing the glory of God.

Does that mean we throw away the Laws (as represented by the Ten Commandments)? No, Ten commandments are a mirror for our reflection. After we are saved, we have no fear of the ten-commandments as its requirements are fulfilled by Christ and there is no more condemnation. We use them as minimum checklist. We follow after a higher standard, the new commandment of love and life empowered by the grace of Christ within us. God is glorified through us - His grace shown forth through us through good work.

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