Two Kinds of Knowledge

In Mat 22:23-32, the Sadducees, who does not believes in resurrection, are a good representation for people who believes in the natural knowledge (of and from human mind). They think have a good argument against resurrection - whose wife of the seven will she be ? 
Jesus, with revelation knowledge told them plainly that the resurrected life was not what they thought. They were all wrong.
Our limited mind with our limited knowledge is not able to understand things beyond the natural. Extrapolating into dimension we know not usually ends in error. We need some one else who has been there, like Jesus, to come to tell us what the other spiritual dimension is like. Bible is God's revelation knowledge to us. 
To know the truth, we need humbly to acknowledge our limitedness and to open-up ourselves to the revelation of God through the Bible. Then, we will get a better grasp of the truth, the purpose and the working of our natural world.

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Martini Moon said...

The only knowledge their is maybe common sense. You can find it everywhere but you have to bring it yourself.

Greets Martijn