Envious of Success through Short-cuts?

Habakkuk 1 reflected our feelings well when we saw the apparent successes of those who took nasty short-cuts and sacrificed others in their pursuit. We are angry at them and at God for not doing anything to right the injustice. Besides Hab, Ps 37 provided us with advices and assurance. God is not asleep and punishment will come upon the wicked.
Outcomes of the Wicked
The outcomes of the wicked will be: cut down (v2), cut-off (v9), no more(v10), killed by their own arrow(v15), their arms broken (v17), perished (v20), passed away(v35), destroyed (v38).
What are We to Do ?
Firstly, we are not to be angry or envious, otherwise, we ourselves will fall into sins.... giving up our standards and adopt their practices too.
Secondly, we are asked to trust the Lord. Continue to trust the Lord and do good (v3). Delight ourselves in the Lord (v4) with the promise that we will get the desires of our heart. Commit our ways to the Lord (v5). Rest in the Lord and wait patently for Him (v7).
Evidences of Trust
How can we know that we are trusting the Lord ? Here are the signs: not angry or envious (v8); meek (v11), peaceful (v11,37), contentment (v16), delighting in God's ways (v23) and hid God's laws in his heart(v31), do not give-up (v24),
Promises of Blessings for the Righteous
Their righteousness shall be known (v6). They shall have eternal inheritance(v18). They inherit the land(on earth here, not just in heaven) (v29), Their descendents will be blessed too (v25,26). They shall be delivered from the wicked (v40). The contrast is shown in v19, they shall not be ashamed in evil time and in the days of famine they shall be satisfied.
Our best decision is to trust the Lord fully not matter what - v39 But the salvation of the righteous is from the Lord; He is their strength in the time of trouble.

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