Who are we and how should we live? Peter tells us

We often heard that Christians are sinners saved by grace. Is that correct? Do you focus on sinners or on grace more? Let Peter gives you the correct truth about who Christians are and what they should do. Have the right perspectives of who you are and then know what you should do that you may live this life meaningfully and productively.

1Peter 2:1-10 tells us who the believers are and how should we live. The mind-map below captures the essence:

First and foremost is that believers are called, chosen, and separated by God through Jesus Christ. So believers are:
  • 1 a living stone of a Spiritual House in Jesus who is the cornerstone, the headstone, from which all other stones are defined and aligned.

  • 2 priesthood that is royal and holy with the purpose of to offer spiritual sacrifices

    Holy is separated out for God. It is distinguished and different from the world.
    The role of a priest is to present people to God to be acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. It includes prayers and intercessors for the people and to care for their spiritual developments.

  • 3 a chosen race who is precious in the sight of God

  • 4 a holy nation - a distinction to bring glory to God.

  • 5 God's own people 
    • We were once not a people, and have not received mercy and in darkness.
    • But now we are called out of darkness into His marvelous light to received mercy.

      For the purpose to proclaim the excellencies of Him.
      i.e. To preach & share the Good News of the Great & Loving God
All the 5 attributes show us how blessed and beloved we are in the eyes of God. So we are to the Beloved, sojourners & exiles in this world.

So, how should live in this world?
We have two main roles as sojourners and exiles in this world to play:

a. As Priest to pray, intercede, and care for God's people. To worship God in our mind, heart, and work.

b. As Preachers to proclaim, as witnesses to share, the good news of how great and how much God loves them. To tell about Jesus and what Jesus had done for them. To bring them out of darkness into His marvelous light and to become God's people.

Don't focus on the past, but focus on your present status and calling and work for the eternal future and rewards. 

Lim Liat (c) 30 Jul 2019

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