The Path to World Peace - Isaiah 2

Many of us believe that men with increasing intelligence and understanding will eventually be able to have world peace. But history tells us otherwise. If we continue to exalt our own abilities we would eventually have a great world war that destroys all if God did not step in earlier. The good news is that God will and will establish His Kingdom on earth providing world peace and abundant living for men. But men need to go through the judgment of the Day of the Lord where God reveals His power and humble men. This is my learning from Isaiah 2.
Isaiah Chapter 2 - The Key Verses Mind-map:

The Path to World Peace:
  • His Kingdom on Earth & World Peace

    • Isa 2:2 In the latter days, the mountain of the house of the LORD shall be established as the highest, and all the nations shall flow to it,Jerusalem to be political center of the world

    • Isa 2:4 He shall judge between the nations, peoples; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.

      No more war but peace prevails. No weapons but productive equipment

  • The Day of the Lord and the Humbling of Man
    • Full of Idols
      • Isa 2:8  Their land is filled with idols; they bow down to the work of their hands, to what their own fingers have made. 
    • Man is Humbled & God is Exalted
      • Isa 2:11  The haughty looks of man shall be brought low, and the lofty pride of men shall be humbled, and the LORD alone will be exalted in that day. 
    • Trust Man Not
      • Isa 2:22  Stop regarding man in whose nostrils is breath, for of what account is he? Man greatest achievements and power could not stand against the power of God.

  • Summary
    • The paths to world peace
      • The painful
        • Men exalted himself, with his technological brilliance to create the smartest and most powerful things, only to destroy himself if God does not step in.
        • God judges men in the Day of the Lord unleashing His power and glory.
      • The better
        • Men acknowledge God as creator and Lord to be worshipped and obey.
    • God establishes His Kingdom on Earth with Jerusalem as the center for governing for world peace.
Lim Liat (c) 23-8-17

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