You are a Masterpiece Created in Christ Jesus

Was completing the Bible Study on Bible Study on John 1:19-34 The Testimony of Bapti...

It impressed me much that Baptist John was very clear about his purpose and calling of life. What about us? Hope the following words, taken from the study, would be of encouragement to you ...

A created being does not know his purpose in life. He must ask his Creator, what he is created for. 

Jesus comes to reveal the purpose and calling of man. His purpose and our calling in life are the same thing. Our purpose in life is to know Jesus, the Son of God, and to have an eternal relationship with Him. Simply put, to know our Creator and to live with Him. 

That is the starting point, knowing Jesus as our God who loves us and who has created us for a unique purpose. It takes us an earthly lifetime to find out our journey and destination of life. God will reveal step by step in detail. 

Experience the love of God and trust in Him to lead and provide for you. Christ saved us for good work. You are wonderfully created and loved and is a glorious witness for Him as did John the Baptist. Not in a worldly sense and worldly value, but precious and valuable from His sight. ref Eph 2:8-10. Not forget about the v10, We are His masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared before that we would walk in them. We are no accident but an intentionally created masterpiece. Find out what you are called to be... 

More thoughts...
We are created in, not just by, Christ Jesus. 'By' denotes created and done with. 'In' denotes continuous presence and interaction after the creation. God did not create us and leave us but created us to enjoy Him. 

Some thoughts from Ravi's Podcast...
"Time is the brush of God as He paints His masterpiece on the canvas of the human heart. ... Time consists of those moments in which He etches it upon our heart. There is never a tick of the clock, but something of significance has been painted into your own heart. One that will carry with you the rest of your life. And God works in time, through time, within that scaffold thing of time that He created and we must understand it that He doesn't work like a slot machine where you put the coin in and the solution comes out. He is working in time as a master painting His work on the canvas of human heart." .... from http://www.rzim.org/just-thinking-broadcasts/though-the-fig-tree-does-not-bud-part-3-of-4/

In other words, there is not a meaningless moment in your life. The seemingly dull, painfully sick, depressing moments are but empty spaces and powerful strokes that make up your masterpiece; without such seemingly empty and painful moments, the painting would not be great.

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 Chinese Sermon by 成為神手中的傑作|矽谷基督徒聚會 于宏潔牧師

Studies of Ancient Chinese wisdom and classics reveal that the Ancient Chinese know the Ways of God and even understand God as a God with personality and emotion but they have yet to find this personal God in Christ Jesus. We write in all these posts to declare that Jesus, the God revealed to man, as the personal true God, as Father to us, to love us and be involved in our lives. They are just one step away from knowing the true Fatherly God made known through Jesus Christ.

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