Success Attitudes

Some learning from hearing Joel Osteen's web cast
  1. Things don't happen to us, they happen for us - to bring us to greater height of growth.
  2. All things work for good Rom 8:28 - a seemingly bad things from our and other points of view will work for our good!
  3. Don't have a slave or victim mentality. Don't concentrate on blaming others for our failures or lack of trying; don't say we cannot; don't let others determine our future.
  4. Have the resurrection attitude - from death to life, from failure to stepping stone, from defeat to victory.
  5. Always have a positive and success attitude towards life and all the happenings.
  6. Covey's 10-90 principle teaches us that of the 10% of things that happen to us are beyond our control, 90% of the outcome of good or bad depends on our reactions. Convert every happenings to be an opportunity for good.
  7. We have an extra help in such times, it is our God.
  8. Some other preacher says that set-back is a set-up for us to come back again.
  9. Recall the sea-gull parable - the person who hurt you is the least able to help you. Don't wait for them to make good the hurt. Forgive and forget those people and go on with life.

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