Changing Behaviour (1) Mine

Growth is change. Victorious living is about growth and is about change. We should take a positive view of change, no matter how bad the circumstances look, that change is the opportunity for me to grow.

We begin this series of changing behavior by looking at changing ourselves first. In the subsequent post, we will discuss how we can help others change for the better.

The attached picture show us why we make certain choices and why we behave in a certain way. What we are now, success or failure (note#3 in the map below), is the result of our behavior (#2) as the consequence of the choice(#1) we made. What we are now is the sum total of the choices we made in the past. If we want to change, it begins with changing our choices.

Man is a tripartite being of spirit, soul(mind, will & emotion) and body. We need to understand our behavior and decision making through these 3 components. 
  • An opportunity in the Environment triggers us to make a choice.
  • Our choice is influenced by our emotion, knowledge & experience, our perception of the opportunity and our evaluation algorithm.
    • Knowledge: Guard our Mind. We should filter the information coming into our mind Mark 2:24.
    • Values and beliefs we hold in our heart (spirit): Guard our Heart. Remember that Christ is in us. We have the treasure in the earthen vessel. We should talk and think according to this truth .... positive attitude and positive self-talk. Let our heart be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit Prov 20:27.
  • One key point to note in decision making is our "emotional stress" distorts our thinking , or the evaluation algorithm. Under stressful conditions, we often make the wrong decisions. We should delay our decision making in most situations (except the life threatening emergencies) and let the peace in our heart be the guide.

    (ALT) Col 3:15 And let the peace of God be exercising control in your* hearts...

Our action will change when our mindset is changed. Our action will change we our heart is changed. Our heart is changed by receiving Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord.

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