Christ Coming Out of Us - Maturity

In the movies, can't remember which one, about aliens and monsters from outer space, where we find the alien monster breaking out of a normal human being. This scene is a good representation of Christian growing up into maturity. Except in the case, the outer shell is us - the self-centred ugly monster and the inside is Jesus Christ. Christian maturity is about working out (Php 2:12) and letting the treasure (2Co 4:7) of Christ in us, grows out of us that we may conform to the image of Christ (Rom 8:29).

There are other images about Christian maturity such as
  • Christ seating at the throne of our heart.
  • A seed growing up into a tree and bearing fruit in the earth of God and His Word.
  • A earthen vessel slowly becoming transparent to let the light of treasure inside to shine out.

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