Another Personality Types

We are all quite familiar with the DISC personality types, the StrengthsFinder types, BMTI etc.
In yesterday Taiwan TV talk show, one of the them talk of personality as divided into four Seeker types
  1. Political - Power
  2. Business - Money
  3. Philosophy - Truth, Justice, Fairness ..
  4. Pleasure - Fun, Enjoyment
It is quite easy at times for us tell that so and so is the Money type; some are Power-type and so forth. What is yours ? What are you motivated by? What do you seek? You do a pair-wise comparison to come out with a ranking or you may rate them equally. There is no implicit good or bad. If you are after the truth and justice, you may need to power and money to execute it and if do not have the joy in pursuing justice, you may not be able to continue your effort for long.

In the Christian circle, we speak about the temptations of 3G - Glory, Gold, Girls/Guys that caused the downfall of many famous preachers. To the list of 4 above, I wish add another, Relationship - family or friendship.

We can use TEMPR to help in memorizing them:

T: Truth, E: Enjoyment M:Money P:Power, R:Relationship

Except for Truth, everything is else Temporary - TEMPR

I wish also to suggest that like the Truth - Jesus be the anchor point of balancing and deciding what you need of the others. This is shown as the picture below:If we really want to rank them, my preference would be TREPM. Truth enables Relationship that provides Joy supported by Power (ability to influence) and then Money. You may other preference.

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