Set Free from Self-Destruction - Learning from Rick Warren

‘We are our own greatest enemy' shows us the secret to living victoriously. We lie to ourselves most of the time. We blame others for our own lack and problems. It is important to face up with reality and see the self-destructive thoughts and feelings that we have.
Rick Warren's sermon on "Set Free from Self-Destruction" not only gives the list but also provides the answer. It is very useful that I summarized it in the mind-map below:

7 weapons of self-destruction and solution.

1. Shame…it robs you of all happiness
    ...Remind myself daily what Jesus did for me. - Rom 8:1-4

2. Uncontrolled thoughts…they will ruin your life
   ...Ask the Holy Spirit to give me better thoughts - Rom 8:5-6

3. Compulsion: inner desires made you do it even though it was wrong - Rom 8:12
   ...Realize I have a new ability to say “no” through the Holy Spirit
   ...Maturity is when you do the right thing, not what you feel like doing
   ...Jesus gives us the grace power thru the Holy Spirit to live rightly.

4. Fear…enormous destroyer
   ...Turn my thoughts to God whenever I’m afraid - Romans 8:14-16
   ...(2Tim 1:7) for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

5. Hopelessness..keeps you from keeping on
   ...Focus on the long-term, not on the short term!

6. Bitterness…you hurt YOU the most…get better or bitter
   ...Remind myself that God is good and in control. - Rom 8:19-25

7. Insecurity…poser…you will do or say anything.
   ...Security - nothing can separate us from His love. - Rom 8:38-39
   ...Trust that God will never stop loving me!

  • When you are feeling blue, and when you are feeling bitter you need to remind yourself that God is good and in control.
  • His Spirit is praying for me.
  • He’s using everything for good in my life.
  • He wants me to succeed and He’s going to give me what I need.
As you go through the list and the solutions, hope you find the answer you need.

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