How to Get the Benefits From Sermons

Listening to Sermons:
Two potential errors that we commonly made when listening to Sundays Sermons.
  • One is to listen for another person. If only so and so is here, this message is great for him or her. So we ordered the message CDs to give that person in mind,
  • The other is to just appreciate the enlightenment and new understanding from the message and forget to apply it into our lives.

Whether we just listen for another person or just for our mind, we fail the reap the true benefits of the message because we fail to apply them for our own lives.
We recall the parable of building on sands and rocks that Jesus preached (Luke 6:46–49).
May we be careful to listen well (throw away the rubbish if any) and to apply what we learned and get healthy growth for ourselves.

Then when the other person sees our ourselves, they may be drawn to ask us for the secrets. 
Changing others begins with changing ourselves first.

Lim Liat (c) 28 Feb 2019

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