Transformation - From Death to Life - Ezekiel 47:1-12

How do you transform any dying or death to life? Ezekiel 47:1-12 gives us the secrets and the process. First, find the source of the life-giving power, the living water. Secondly, follow and live in the life-giving water. Thirdly, increase your commitment. Fourthly, be totally immerged in the water. Fourthly, measure the progresses all through the stages. Fifthly, reflect and see the results of the living river. Sixthly, provides varieties without ceasing. Seventhly, not all old things are bad. Keep the good salts.
Ezekiel 47:1-12 Mindmap:

  1. Find the Source of Life: God is the life-giver -  giving out the living water
  2. The Purpose: To transform the lifeless desert to an abundance of lives.
  3. Results:
    1. Fruit Trees of different kinds.
    2. Fishes of different kinds
    3. Keeping the Salt - not getting rids of all old things. Keep the good.
    4. Continual Enjoyable Varieties of Provisions without Stoppages
      1. Different Fruits for Each Month
      2. Leaves for Healing
      3. All Kinds of Fishes
    5. A small stream transforming the desert into a living place filled people and all kind of lives.
  4. Life is a Journey & a Process
    1. Measurements: 
      1. Must have a set of measurements to measure and understand the progress.
      2. Doing the real measurement and learn and to know what to do. We need to change the method, from wading into swimming, when the streams become a deep river.
    2. Stages of Progress:
      1. Progress comes in stages. 
      2. Know the stage and the right thing to do.
    3. Maintain a Balance - Keep the Good Salt. Transformation is not about changing everything.
    4. After some years, a quick review will show you the impact that you made. See the case study at the end of this post.

Take Away:

Our lives are to connect to the source of life and to bring his life, like the living water, to transform death to life, increasing our commitment, and progressing in stages, from near to far and wide, giving glory to God.

A Case Study:
Lighthouse Evangelism started by Ps Rony Tan celebrating its 40 years anniversary. It is a good testimony of how a little group of people creates such an impact over the years. See Ps Rony Tan LE40 Invitation which gave a short history of the church.

Lim Liat (c) 17-4-2018

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