Peter & John And the Mustard Seed - New Insights

Two new things that I learned from today Chinese sermon by Ps John Liu on Acts 3:
1. Love for the Repentant.

John was likely the one who extended his friendship to accept Peter after Peter's denial of Jesus. We find Peter and John often mentioned together after the event of the crucification. An addition point is about how we can and should help people with realize their wrong doings. It is not more criticisms but an extension of love.

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One more thing, John, the one who repeatedly focus on the love of Jesus for him was able to stay with Jesus at the cross whereas Peter, the one who claimed of his love for Jesus, denied Jesus three times.  Focus not our love but on the love of Jesus for us. We will have greater peace and appreciation.

2. Mustard Seed Faith. 

When Jesus said this, there are two key meanings. One is the smallness of the seed. We don't need great faith to move mountain. We begins with the little that we have. Second is about the growth of the seed to the great mustard tree. Our little faith needs to grow and to grow out faith is the very simple thing on acting out or living out, starting from the little that we have. Else, our faith is not living but dead - that is the teaching of the letter of James.

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