The Most Gullible People - Christians

One of the most gullible and easiest people to cheat is probably a Christian, of whom I am one. All in the name of love and forgiveness.

Many years ago (I hope we grow up to be wiser by now), during one of our baptisms, a candidate asked me aside for lending him some money. I figured that a brother in need, needs to be helped of course. Why even lend, give. Then he requested I keep it a secret. Of course, as any kind person should. Save his face. Let not your right hand knows what your left hand is doing. Later, another brother called to ask me if I have given some money to so-and-so. My first response was, "didn't he tell you to keep it a secret?". Lo and behold, we quickly found out that he had 'borrowed' money from many of us. You will also know the end of the story, he disappeared from church after that.

Such story happened in many Christian home or cell groups too. We are so happy to have new members to join our group and so happy to help people that someone can easily come and 'borrow' away much money and then do the disappearing act. So we have to inform home/cell group leaders and members to take note when people want to borrow money and report them to the leadership.

Forgive and forget is another famous preaching of the church. It is easily exploited as well because of such high sounding but blur or foolish teaching.

Someone comes to borrow a large sum of money from you. Not only he did not pay you back but ask you to lend him another big sum because of his needs. He asked for your forgiveness and appeal to your love to help him again. He quoted 'forgive and forget' and "forgive seventy times seven times". Should you lend him the money again?

Any normal earthly being will say no except the blur believers.

We have confused forgiveness and trust.

You can forgive the hurts and betrayal in the first time when you extended the trust, but you don't have to entend your trust again when the other party has already and clearly demontrated that he is not trustable. To trust in spite of the counter evidence is foolishness and it is not love at all.

We have such common saying that " A leopard can't change his spots. ." or "江山易改本性难移" dynasty easily changes but basic character is difficult to change.

Don't be even more loving than God. God did not forgive and forget the devils.

Love has wisdom within. Loving without wisdom is induglence and spoiling. Be not fooled when someone want you in the name of love and forgiveness.

Be wise. Is he trustworthy? Does he deserve your trust? What are the supportive and counter-supportive evidences.

Lim Liat (c) 10 Sep 2015

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