The Seduction of Man & How to Prevent it - Proverb 23

A careful study of Proverbs 23 reveals a list of 10 seductions for man. Because they appeal to our appetites, they seem so desirable, but the outcomes are bad for us. Some may eventually destroy us. But there are ways to overcome them. The key is to seek after the wisdom of God and put no trust in our own appetite based wisdom, Proverbs 23 also provides wisdom not just for a man, but as parents and as children too. Dive in to discover the details .....
The General Principle for Victorious and Successful Life:

If you want a short summary for Proverb 23, then it is

Don't let your appetites lead you astray and be killed by your appetites.

The 10 Seductions and the Ways Out:

You can see that the seductions appeal to our appetites and seem so natural. What can be wrong when we even want them ourselves? How can something so desirable be bad? Don't we want:
  1. A good dinner?
  2. Wealth?
  3. Favor? (Foods in the text, extended to means favors given).
  4. Showin one's wisdom by giving out advices?
  5. Exploit the Opportunities?
  6. Not having the responsibility or raising children?
  7. Short Cut to Successes?
  8. Partying?
  9. Sexual Pleasures?
  10. More wines?

The solution is simple ... Seek the Wisdom of God, trust and follow His right ways(v12,17b,v19) and not your own appetite based wisdom(v4). For children, we are to listen to our parents who shall teach God's ways. Parents have the responsibility in disciplining their children to ensure they follow God's ways.

The Details

Here is the mind-map for all the details that you can follow and meditate. Hope you learn much from it and put them into practices. Remember, you are the thoughts of your heart. Make sure you put the right thoughts into your heart.

Seduction 1 to 4

Seduction 5-7
Seduction 8-10

Lim Liat (c) 13 July 2015

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