The God of the 3 Generation Family and The Implications

Reflecting on today message preached by Ps John Liu of Petra Church Singapore:

1 God is the God of 3 Generations of Family, God Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God is building family and not army. SunZi's Art of War tells us that if the commanders love their men as their children then their men will be willing to give their lives for the commanders. It confirms that family is stronger than army."

2. Christianity does not last more than one generation. If our next generation is not believers, that the gospel stopped there. Remind me that God has not grandchildren.

3. Then it bags the question, what kind of parent, of spiritual maturity, are we? What good or bad examples are we leaving behind for our children?

Paul mentioned in 2 Tim 2:2 And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others. But real effective teaching is more than just correct doctrines but real living out of the doctrines in front of our children.
Lao Zi DaoDeJing Chapter 2 是 以 圣 人 处 无 为 之 事, 行 不 言 之 教. The saints are to live without violating the laws and to teach without words (by implication by examples. The exhortation is not to teach, but to teach rightly, by being the model for others to follow). This teaching without words is repeated in Chapter 43.
The story of OHare, the nasty gangster lawyer father is convicted one day because of his son and his son became a war hero. Seehttp://www.bereanpublishers.com/easy-eddie-and-his-son/

4. It reminded me of another famous Lao Zi's saying in http://mind-value.blogspot.sg/…/principles-for-greatness-4-…
Confucius told us through the 3-character-bible, the last 2 verses:
人遗子 金满赢 我教子 唯一经
People left great wealth for their children, but I teach my children only one bible: ( learn and work hard to be a useful person - implied from the following verse).
勤有功 戏无益 戒之哉 宜勉力
Hard work brings rewards. Fooling around is not useful.
Be careful and be encouraged to work hard.
A Taiwanese pastor wrote a book titled "So poor that you only have money left!"
What is the best things you can leave behind for your children?
Is it not the knowing and experiencing of our Savior and God Jesus?
Are we living that out for our children to see?

5. One more thing.
For many of us, we bring the Gospel to our extended family. We bring it upwards to our parents, sideways to our siblings too. May we continue our prayers and efforts in bringing our extended family to know the Lord.

Lim Liat (c) 22 Feb 15

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