5 Keys for A Happy & Good Life

The 5 keys for a happy and good life as prescribed in the Bible are not speaking evils, not telling lies, not doing evil, doing good and striving for peace. The prescription is stated the Old Testament Psalm and quoted again in the New Testament by Peter showing its importance and applicability. Most importantly, God will ensure that it happens as promised.
Here is the mind-map showing the 2 bible references and the assurance that God will make sure it happens as prescribed:

 Here are the take away:
  1. The Objectives
    1. Enjoyable, Pleasurable, Vitality in Living.... loving life.
    2. Long Healthy Life
    3. Good, Happy, Blessings.
  2. The Methods - 5 Keys:
    1. Speech
      1. Not speaking evil.
        1. speaking evil of and about people and against God
        2. speaking words of discouragement and not of faith
      2. Not telling lies.
        1. Not telling lies include not telling so called white-lies.
        2. We need to know that we have the right and the obligation to keep quiet. There is the right time and situation and the right way to disclose the truth to the right person.
    2. Acts
      1. Not doing evil work. 
        1. By what standards do we use to judge evil or good? By God standards according to the Bible. 
        2. By motivation and not superficial actions too.
        3. Work of disobedience, work that causes others to sin are evil.
        4. We have to be careful of the impact of our behavior on others. 1Co 10:23  "All things are lawful," but not all things are helpful. "All things are lawful," but not all things build up. 
      2. Do Good
        1. This is the opposite of 'not doing evil'
        2. Being neutral, not doing evil is not good enough. Doing good work, set the examples, for others to follow is lot more powerful and useful.
      3. Strive for Peace with all your heart 
        1. Peace does not come easily. It takes striving for ... hard work and sacrifices and much wisdom in resolving conflicts, communicating clearly, and coming out with win-win solutions, persuasion and changing of expectations etc.
        2. It should comes from our heart and not just the mind. Peace takes lots of will and love. The peace between God and man is achieved at the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ.
        3. Peace within our heart comes from freedom from accusations of sins. Peace with others comes from good relationships with them. We are also often called to be the peace-maker for others, essentially bring peace within the family, work place and even the world.
  3. The Assurance
    1. How can we be sure the prescriptions work? Who is able to guarantee it? God said He will fulfill what He said. 
  4. Not just long but a meaningful and fulfilling life.
    1. When Peter quoted from Psalm 34, he dropped the long or many days and shortened it to a good time. A long life deprived of meaning and fulfillment could be a wasteful life.
Please reflect on these five keys and see what specific actions you can take to have a more fulfilling life. Are you suffering from the guilt and consequences for the past evil you have said about others, situations and even yourself? Are there the needs for telling lies to get something? Are you careful in disclosing the truth? What evil acts should you stop doing and make remedial work? What good work and examples have you done recently? Are you fighting for your rights or pride rather than making peace? Can you be more understanding and patience towards others especially your spouse and children? Have you been listening to them?

May God bless you and empower you to enjoy life in the midst of this challenging times. Let your light shine forth in this difficult times.

Lim Liat (c) 15 Dec 2013

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