The Ten Greatest Things in Life

I went to buy lunch from a Chicken Rice Shop today. The following calligraphy was displayed on the wall. It was about the ten greatest in life. Here are details with translation into English.

  • 人生最大財富是健康. Greatest wealth is health
  • 人生最大罪惡是不孝. Greatest sin is dishonoring parents
  • 人生最大禮物是寬恕. Greatest Gift is Forgiveness
  •  人生最大快樂是助人. Greatest Joy is helping others
  •  人生最大錯誤是賭博. Greatest Error is Gambling
  •  人生最大破產是絕望. Greatest Bankrupt is Hopelessness
  •  人生最大失敗是自大. Greatest Failure is Boastfulness/Pride
  •  人生最大佩服是上進. Greatest Respect is Progressiveness
  •  人生最大卑劣是欺人. Greatest depictable thing is Cheating
  •  人生最大笨蛋是吸毒. Greatest Stupidity is be a Drug Addicted

I was thinking that if those are the ten most important things in life, then there must be Bible verses that reflect that. So I also included the Bible verses and they are shown below in the mind map:

Hope you like it.

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