Meditating on God's Words using Mind-mapping

Bible study is good. But meditating on His words is better. This is because God's Words are kept in our hearts from our minds by meditating. 

Meditating is about digesting God's words. We can do word by word, concept by concept, or verse by verse meditating. For word by word meditating, I prefer to use mind-mapping software for support. The software forces me to go through the word one at a time and also provide easy adding of comments as I go through the process. Here is how.

Let me pick a verse from Rom 5:8 as an example. It is important that we don't take a verse out of its context. So when we are meditating on this verse, it is good to refer to verses surrounding this one.

1. Break the Verse into Main Concepts.
For Rom 5:8, we can find two key concepts as follows:

It is good to recap what we have meditated and so I added a 3rd branch called "What I learned", and you can even add a 4th branch called "What I can apply:".

2. Break the Concept into Individual Words:

3. Go through Each Word and Add Your Comments (Your Meditations)
In the example, I added some learning from verse 7. It is good to stay in context.

We can also add related verses from our memory or other promptings of the Holy Spirit. These are shown in the final mind-map.

4. The Complete Mind-Map of Meditations on Rom 5:8

5. Remember to Summarized Your Meditations and Apply Them.

You can keep the learning in your heart and mind throughout the day and re-look and updates the mind-map in the evening or any time. Mind-mapping is designed to grow with you.

Hope you like it and use it as a tool for your spiritual growth journey.

Lim Liat (C) 17 July 2012.

For more on how to meditate on God's words and alternative use and presentation of mind-mapping, see 


Anonymous said...

Thank God for you sharing with others how to grow clear to God do you have any tips for someone who wants to study the whole bible from beginning to end?������thanks so much I had a hard time finding out how to meditate on the word.Thank you

Margith Strand said...

I believe that the translations of the theory of Bible Study is like that of a streaming brim of Wisdom overflowing with a cup of coffee. Meditation is the elixir of life.