Golden Nuggets for A Diamond Marriage

Some guidelines for a happy and life long marriage.
Over the years, we are blessed with the opportunities to meet up with young couples, going through pre-marital counselling and solemnizing their marriages. We also have done marriage and parent-children counselling. Now and then, there may be the need to give a quick advice for a happy marriage. I have many notes and some good books on such topic. 

This morning I  challenged myself to write down from memory, what are the advice that I would give to newly married couple, thinking that the keys things will be remembered. I do a draft mind-map first and then check up with some of my notes to come out with a more complete set of guidelines. So below the final map and I hope it is still short enough to commit to our memory. It is then easier for us to put them into practice and reap the benefits of a happy marriage that last for a life time.

Lim Liat (C) 30 June 2012

Relationship with in-laws is a very important and yet a very delicate issue that must be handled with great care. The best advice we give to newly weds is to have the blood-line doing the talking. Hence, the husband or wife will always be the nice guy to the in-laws. If there be any sensitive issue, the husband or the wife will speak to his or her respective parents. Let the difficult issues be settled between the son or daughter and his or her parents.

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